SPLEMENGO: Immunogenicity and Safety of Three Meningococal B Vaccine Strategies Among Patients With Asplenia


AP-HP (Paris Hospital)

French Ministry of Health (PHRC-N)


Currently, in France, no immunogenicity data on Meningococal B vaccines, neither with Bexsero® nor with Trumenba®, are available in asplenic patients, population at high risk of infection. As asplenic individuals (all causes) show less optimal immune response to conjugate meningococcal C vaccine compared to matched controls, we hypothesize that a similar less optimal response may be expected for MenB vaccines among asplenic subjects. . That is why, we proposed in this study to evaluate two reinforced strategies with 3 administrations (M0, M1, and M6) of Bexsero® or Trumenba ®. Moreover, the study will also allow exploring the persistence of the immune response in this population. Indeed, few data are available on this persistence in the general population.

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