EUCLID is composed of a Coordinating Board and a Steering Committee.

EUCLID's Coordinating Board

Prof. Laura RICHERT

MD, PhD, Head of EUCLID
Professor in Public Health and Biostatistics

Dr. Edouard LHOMME

MD, PhD, co-head of EUCLID
Associate Professor in Public Health and Biostatistics

Dr. Christine SCHWIMMER

PhD, Executive Director of EUCLID

Cedrick WALLET

EUCLID Operations Manager


Quality and risk management officer

EUCLID's Components​

We are composed of several components, however you can contact us through a single contact point.


The CIC-1401 is a centre of expertise specialized in clinical research. EUCLID platform is coordinated by CIC-EC 1401. 
The CIC IT and CIC-P also participate to the EUCLID platform.


Epidemiological, biostatistical platform of the Bordeaux University hospital (CHU de Bordeaux), primarily dedicated to clinical research studies promoted by the Bordeaux University Hospital.


Epidemiological, biostatistical platform of the Bergonié Institute (Regional center for the fight against cancer in the New Aquitaine region), dedicated to clinical research studies in cancerology.


Is a methodological platform of Inserm U1219 Bordeaux Population Health. CMG-EC acts as Clinical Trials Unit for ANRS-MIE and Vaccine Research Institute (VRI).


The CREDIM (Centre de Ressource et Développement en Informatique Médicale) is a computer resource center attached to the ISPED (Institut de Santé Publique, d’Épidémiologie et de Développement/ Bordeaux School of Public Health), within the University of Bordeaux. The CREDIM is the technical platform for the epidemiological and clinical research activities of the Public Health and Society Research Federation.

Clinical Research and Innovation Department (DRCI) of the Bordeaux University Hospital

Biological Ressources Centre (CRB) at to Bordeaux University Hospital

EUCLID's Steering Committee Members

Yann Bubien, Head of Bordeaux University Hospital
Pr Gilles Bloch, Head of Inserm
Pr Manuel Tunon de Lara, President of University of Bordeaux
Pr Francois-Xavier Mahon, Head of Bergonié Cancer Institute
Pr Olivier Rascol, Head of F-CRIN
Pr Jacques Demotes-Mainard, Head of E-CRIN
Pr Laura Richert, Head of EUCLID
Dr Edouard Lhomme, Co-Head of EUCLID