MULTIPLI: clinical trials by high-throughput sequencing and for advanced cancers



Plan France Médecine Génomique


Whole exome sequencing and RNA sequencing (WES/RNASeq) should now be implemented in the clinical practice in order to increase access to optimal care for cancer patients. Providing results to Tumour Boards in a relevant time frame-that is, compatible with the clinical pathway-is crucial. Assessing the feasibility of this implementation in the French care system is the primary objective of the Multipli study, as one of the four pilot projects of the national France Genomic Medicine 2025 (FGM 2025) plan. The Multipli study encompasses two innovative trials which will be driven in around 2400 patients suffering from a soft-tissue sarcoma (Multisarc) or a metastatic colorectal carcinoma (Acompli). Prior to launching the FGM 2025 cancer pilot study itself, the performance of the Multipli genomic workflow has been evaluated through each step, from the samples collection to the Molecular Tumour Board (MTB) report. Two Multipli-assigned INCa-labelled molecular genetics centres, the CEA-CNRGH sequencing platform and the Institut Bergonié's Bioinformatics Platform were involved in a multicentric study.

Role of EUCLID

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